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His Princess

The Husband Without a Wife

Matthew “Colt” Coltrane’s wife left him while he was at work, abandoning her adult son. Colt isn’t a man who enjoys being without a woman to serve him, and the perfect solution is at hand. Quin is pretty, with soft features and long hair. Plus, he’s gay. Colt gives Quin an ultimatum: leave and find a new home or be Colt’s “wife.”


The Son Without a Choice

Quin Kiskadden never expected his mother to leave him behind. She’d always dragged him along from one husband to the next, but when he discovers she left without him, he doesn’t have many options. He can be Colt’s “wife” in every possible way or struggle to find a new place to live while attending college. Playing a 1950s housewife isn’t much of an option, but at least he has always found Colt to be good-looking.


A Married Couple in Every Way—Except One

Colt has never been with a man, but he doesn’t care what gender Quin is because Quin has become Colt’s wife in every way. Quin is flawless and a lot more attentive than Colt’s ex ever was. Colt finds himself not wanting to let Quin go. As Quin falls deeper into the role of devoted spouse, he has no plans or desire to leave, but when outside forces test their relationship, they’ll need to face the challenges as only a married couple can.


In this book Quin isn’t given a choice. He must learn to enjoy dresses and taking care of his man—or else. But in the end, Quin finds he has unlocked a part of himself that he loves and fully embraces.

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