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Free Christmas Short - Buying a Daddy for Christmas

Buying a Daddy for Christmas © M.D. Gregory December 2022


Evander “Ev” Barlowe

There was only one thing I wanted for Christmas this year. . . a Daddy.

Half of my friends were in a content relationship, ready to live their happily ever after, while the other half didn’t want one. They enjoyed living the single life, and I didn’t blame them for that. But me? I craved to be hugged and loved by a Daddy.

My Daddy.

I could never find the perfect man, though. I was different from my friends in so many ways. While I was shy, they thrived in the social scene. I was big from my former years of playing football in college, while the most of my friends were petite twinks. They were the kind of boys Daddies wanted—not me.

“Evan. Hellooooo.” Fox waved his hand in front of my face, flashing me his gap-toothed smile. With vibrant red hair that weaved its way to the middle of his back and his brown eyes, he was one of the cutest out of our group of friends. His nickname was the perfect representation of him, because he was very much like a fox, and in a lot of ways, he reminded me of an anime character. He had the perfect triangle face with a small chin and often had his long hair tied up with a scarlet bow.

He sighed dramatically from the tall chair next to me and collapsed against my side, cheek resting on my shoulder. “What are you thinking about?”

Around us the club, Triple X, thrummed with Christmas music and excited boys and Daddies. It was a theme night, and Fox had begged me to come out. He was one of the guys in our group who didn’t have a Daddy and didn’t want one, and I couldn’t blame him. He was rebellious, and his ex-Daddies couldn’t keep up with him. He needed the kind of firm hand they couldn’t provide.

I had a feeling tonight was about being in competition with Black Out, another club in the city of New Gothenburg. While Triple X had always been the kink go-to place, Black Out had recently been giving them a run for their money, introducing all sorts of kink nights that had Triple X amping up their program, especially for the gay community. New Gothenburg had one of the biggest LGBTQ populations in America, and apparently they thought we all had money to burn because the owners of the clubs had some kind of competition going on. It worked out well for us because it gave us more events to socialize. At least, for some people, like Fox it was a boost.

I was a different story.

I preferred to sit in the corner and be invisible.

“And there you go, into your own head again.” Fox poked me in the ribs, and I winced away from his sharp, bony finger.

“Ow. What was that for?”

He pouted. “You’re ignoring me. You know I hate being ignored. You might be fucking hot with those stacked muscles and that loveable button nose and adorable messy brown hair and cute blue eyes, but even you can’t ignore me. It’s rude.”

I rolled my eyes but grinned at him. Fox was the most spoiled person I’d ever met and loved being the center of attention. He expected his friends—and potential Daddies—to give him the devotion most men only gave their religion.

“I’m not—” A shoulder hit mine as someone tried to walk past me. I jerked around, eyes wide. Fox straightened, his gaze burning hot with anger. If there was anyone who was going to defend me, it was him. But the moment my attention landed on the handsome brunet with an apologetic smile already on his face, all words left me. He stood tall, probably even taller than me, which was a feat in and of itself, and wide, with the kind of shoulders I expected to see from the guys who played football with me. The thin gray T-shirt he wore stretched over thick muscles, pulling tightly around his upper biceps.

My mouth watered.


“Hey.” The man—so very clearly a Daddy from the pure dominance that oozed off him—grinned wider, his dazzling blue eyes glittering, even though it was dark in the crowded room. The lights hit his face at an angle in a way that made his cheekbones seem as sharp as glass. He couldn’t be much older than late thirties, like me.

“H-hi.” I swallowed around my dry throat and offered him a wavering smile. Nerves kicked up inside of me and my gut clenched, the fear of talking to a hot guy making it hard to breathe. I’d never had this problem around good-looking men while playing football, but I hadn’t been trying to get a Daddy back then, either. I’d been all about making my biological father happy.

“Sorry about bumping into you.” He laid his hand on my shoulder, and I leaned into him, my fingers curling into fists from the nerves. His beard was cut short against his strong jaw, and he had a very defined nose. It was difficult not to stare at the perfect symmetry of his face.

“It’s fine. Totally fine.” I laughed in embarrassment, my cheeks flushing hot.

Behind me, Fox dug his finger into my side, a signal to be more confident. He’d silently encouraged me a few times before and it never helped.

The new arrival cocked his head and smiled, and his genuine warmth seeped into my bones, making me feel very hot inside as well as out. “Are you going to bid during the auction tonight?”

Auction? I glanced toward the stage with wide eyes. Shit. I’d forgotten Fox had brought me here for an auction. The bids were for spending Christmas Day with a Daddy, and Fox had insisted I come and spend time with someone. I’d laughed at the idea, but Fox hadn’t left me alone until I’d agreed. He’d pushed the idea that everyone else in our usual kink circles would be here—and they were. Except, they were too busy catching up with other friends in the club right now to spend time with us.

I hesitated. I had no plans to bid on anything. I had bills to pay and unlike Fox with his family money, I only had myself and a low-paying job as a vet assistant. “Maybe? I’m not sure.”

“It would be nice to spend Christmas with someone, wouldn’t it?” He squeezed my shoulder, and I melted under his firm stare. Definitely a Daddy.

“Yeah?” I bit down on my tongue. Idiot. I didn’t have the money and it was no use wanting something I couldn’t have.

Someone came up to the stage and the spotlight flashed on the tall man with short sandy blond hair. His tight leather pants shimmered under the harsh light and his naked chest gleamed, like he’d oiled himself up, which was regular for guys that worked at Triple X to do. He looked familiar and it took me a moment to place him as Vic, the owner of the club. “Can I have all Daddies up for auction to the side of the stage please?”

“Anyway, they’re calling me. Bye.” The Daddy leaned over and laid a kiss on my cheek, and the skin where his lips had stroked burned as though he’d branded me as his with a simple touch. His beard tickled my skin as he moved away again.


He winked as he left and my heart raced, slamming against my ribs hard enough to bruise.

Fox slapped my arm and leaned against me. “Oh my God. That Daddy was flirting with you.”

“No, he wasn’t. He was just being friendly,” I argued, but I wished he was right. “Look at me. I look like a Daddy. Most Daddies think I’m one of them.”

He made a sound of disbelief and flicked my ear, earning a scowl from me. “If friendly is I want to get into your pants and fuck that ass, then sure. He was being friendly.”

“Stop it, Fox.” I groaned. I had so much happening in my life right now. I didn’t need more complications, no matter how much I wanted a Daddy. My gaze slid toward the stranger who stood near the stage, and his gaze hadn’t left me. He smiled when he saw me looking, and I spun toward Fox quickly, avoiding the Daddy’s stare.

Fox pursed his lips and crossed his arms. “Bid on him. He would be nice to spend Christmas Day with.”

“Absolutely not.”

“Why?” He glared and flicked a hand in front of his face, knocking some of his wayward red bangs out of his sight.

I covered my face with my hands and let out another groan. “Because I have nowhere to take a Daddy for Christmas. You know my parents basically disowned me. Where am I going to take him?”

“To your bed.” He grinned, proud of himself for his answer.

I rolled my eyes. “Not everyone relies on sex.”

He waved his fingers at me. “Pfft. Ninety-eight percent of guys do. Nothing makes a Daddy happier than sticking his dick inside his boy.”

“I’m not his boy. I don’t even know his name.” This was growing tiresome. Nothing would convince Fox otherwise. Once he had something in his head, arguing was pointless. He grew up on Vert Island, the community that belonged to the rich. He’d always gotten what he wanted, but never what he needed, which was a firm Daddy who would finally teach him manners.

After some walking around on stage and checking everything, Vic returned to the middle and held up one arm to gain everyone’s attention while placing the microphone to his mouth. “Ladies, Gentlemen, and everyone else, let’s get this auction up and running! Who’s excited about bidding to spend Christmas Day with a Daddy?”

The crowd around us cheered, arms pumping in the air. The club was packed. Christmas decorations littered the walls and ceilings, with blinking multicolored lights hanging above us.

Our friends finally found their way back to us and Shy, one of my favorites, nudged his way onto the seat next to me. He brushed fingers through his dark curls and sighed. The glitter he loved to wear made him sparkle like a unicorn. I’d always been jealous of how amazing he looked, and like Fox, he was a petite twink, the kind of guy Daddies loved—unlike me. He reached over and linked his fingers through mine with a smile, and I gave him one in return.

“Yee-haw! Let’s get that money rolling. All profits tonight will be donated to a Home for the Heart, the local LGBTQ charity that rescues homeless teens. How amazing is that?”

Again, the crowd screamed in excitement.

“Let’s start with our first Daddy! He’s a fireman by trade, so watch out boys, he knows how to use his hose.” Vic wiggled his brows, clearly proud of the innuendo, and by the sounds the crowd made, they enjoyed it, too.

I rolled my eyes. Corny.

“His name is Bastian, but you can call him Daddy Bastard.”

I watched with little interest as a huge man walked onto the stage. Either the community knew him well or they liked what they saw because they went wild. He wasn’t bad looking, quite the opposite. He easily surpassed my height and width and he was a beast, not only because of his size, but the way he stared at the crowd. His gaze was hungry as he searched for prey, and I wasn’t surprised when his roving gaze stopped on Fox, who was not paying attention. If this Daddy Bastard was expecting Fox to bid on him, he would be sorely disappointed.

But this didn’t seem to affect him, either, because his upper lip curled in a snarl and he smirked. His graying brown hair gleamed under the bright spotlight and he spread his legs, hands stuffed into the pocket of very tight jeans, displaying the kind of confidence I could only wish I had.

“Who wants Daddy Bastard for Christmas? He’s pan, so he likes you all.”

Enthusiastic screams echoed through the mob.

I blanked out on what was happening on stage and focused on my stranger Daddy again, and to my embarrassment, he was staring back. He smiled and excitement wormed its way through me, settling in my balls. I raised my hand and gave him a small wave and he winked in return.

Shy nudged me with his elbow, his gaze following mine. “Who’s that? Are you going to bid on him?”

“No.” I laughed uneasily.

“I think he should.” Fox leaned across the table toward Shy. “They were flirting earlier.”

“We were not,” I argued.

“Who was?” Rush asked from across the table. He was another one of us who didn’t have a Daddy and didn’t want one. He wasn’t as much of a twink as the rest of the guys were, but he wasn’t as big as me, either.

“Wait. Ev was flirting with someone?” Solo drummed his hands on the table. He was the only one out of our group who preferred age play. “Damn, boy. Who?”

I rolled my eyes and turned my back to them. They were great guys but loved teasing me. We were a tight-knit collection of friends who loved each other, though.

Fox laid his head on my shoulder again. “We adore you, Ev. We just want to see you happy. You want a Daddy, and you deserve one.”

“I know.” I kissed his forehead and sighed. “But I’m not what Daddies want. They want you. That first guy, Daddy Bastard, couldn’t keep his eyes off you.”

“Who?” Fox perked up and glanced around the room.

I rolled my eyes, pointing at the big Daddy who’d been bought for a shocking amount. Even though he had a pretty blond-haired man beside him who couldn’t stop petting his arm, Daddy Bastard had his sights set on Fox. “Oh.”

I chuckled. “Now who’s interested in a Daddy?”

“Not me.” Fox shook his head with determination, his red mane flicking with the movement. “I’ve been through those kinds of guys before. They can’t handle me.”

No one can handle you,” Solo teased, poking his tongue out at Fox.

Fox huffed. “I’m one of a kind.”

Vic returned to the stage after the bidding for the fifth Daddy was done. He clapped and so did the crowd. “Would you look at that? Another happy Daddy and Boy paired off for Christmas Day? That’s what we do here at Triple X, we make dreams come true.”

I snorted. Only if you have money. The club was exclusive and membership only. It was all about who you knew, and Fox had gotten every single one of us in here because he had cash and connections.

“Now for our sixth and final Daddy, welcome on stage, Daddy Link! Another fireman who works with Daddy Bastard, Daddy Link doesn’t only put out fires, he starts them too. . . in your shorts, boys.”

The guys in the crowd stood, clapping wildly as the stranger who’d knocked into me earlier walked onto the stage. I’d thought he was handsome before, but he was nothing compared to now. The spotlight meant he lit up the room with pure electricity, and the horniness in the club went up by ten notches. Boys who wanted a Daddy were bouncing on their feet, screaming his name and begging him to come home with them.

To my left, I caught sight of Miller, a boy I knew that had almost as much money as Fox. I’d had a few experiences with him, but the initial meeting had been the worst. He’d thought I was a Daddy the first time I’d gone to Triple X and had tried to take me home. When I’d embarrassingly explained to him I was searching for my own Daddy, he’d verbally slapped me with the harshest thing in his arsenal, even if it wasn’t the first time I’d heard it.

“You’re too big to be a boy. No Daddy would want someone like you.”

As if he felt my attention on him, Miller glanced at me and flipped me the bird. I winced, but Fox saw it, too, and he jumped to his feet, ready to start a physical fight in the club. I grabbed his arm and yanked him down in his seat.


Fox sent Miller a killer glare. “Let me at him. I’ll damage that pretty face of his.”

Solo snorted into his tumbler of whiskey. “Jeeze. You’ve got problems, Foxy.”

Fox turned a narrow stare on him. “Miller Newhouse is a no-good, piece of shit who needs to be brought down a few pegs.”

Shy held up his pink cosmopolitan in its cocktail glass. “Amen, boy. Get ’im.”

I shook my head. They were chaos alone, but together? All of us were trouble waiting to happen.

“That’s five hundred and fifty. Do I have six hundred?” Vic’s amplified voice sliced through our conversation, and I cringed at the bidding price. It was definitely out of my price range, and I was not going to spend Christmas Day with my sexy Daddy. Hell, even if I could afford it, I was sure Daddy Link, as Vic had called him, would prefer someone like my friends. Not me.

Miller was right. Most Daddies thought I was too big to be a boy.

“Seven hundred,” Miller called out, smirking at his friends, who cheered for him.

Fox gave me a sly smile and my eyes widened.

I shook my head furiously. “No. Fox, don’t.”

“Ev, darling, I’m going to buy you a Daddy for Christmas.” Fox stood before I could stop him and raised his hand. “One thousand dollars.”

I flushed when every single gaze in the room shot around to look at our table. Fox was the epitome of confidence, even when gasps filled the club.

Vic grinned as he pointed his arm in Fox’s direction. “We have a thousand from the lovely Mr. Fen Grimaldi. Does anyone have a thousand and fifty?”

Fox grimaced at his real name but kept a smile on his face as he bowed, causing laughter in the crowd.

Miller’s glare was full of hatred as he stood and shouted, “Two thousand.”

I groaned and dropped my face in my hands, skin flushing hot. This was not going to end well. Fox would rather end up in a grave than lose to Miller, I knew it, and he wouldn’t give up until he’d won. He would say he’d done it for me, though, and when I won this date with Daddy Link, which was inevitable, I would have to explain the entire situation.

“Three thousand,” Fox snapped before Vic could even say anything.

“Five,” Miller screamed back.

Fuck. I shot Miller a pleading stare. Please stop.

Fox’s smirk was nasty. “Ten thousand dollars.”

The entire room fell to silence, even Vic, who stared, stunned, on the stage. The eerie quietness seemed to be laced with tension, as though they were waiting for Fox and Miller to come to blows. They weren’t far off the mark, either. Given the chance, Fox would love to put Miller on his ass.

I sighed and turned to glance at Daddy Link, but he only had eyes for me. His vibrant stare penetrated through the wall I’d built around myself, as though it was glass, and everything I’d made myself not feel came to the surface in a rush of emotion. My groin tingled and my skin buzzed as a reaction to the wave of lust that hit me hard. I gasped, surprised by the strong response to him.

“The winning bid goes to Mr. Grimaldi for ten thousand dollars!”

I startled, the rapt attention I had on Daddy Link shattering as the world around me returned. Fox was on his feet, waving as the winner of the bid, and the crowd cheered.

I clapped, embarrassment flooding my cheeks with a heat I couldn’t suppress as Daddy Link made his way over to us. He didn’t break his stare with me, and I couldn’t look away, either, even as he came to a stop in front of us.

When he glanced at Fox, it was with nothing but kindness. “Thank you for your donation to a Home for the Heart.”

Fox applauded in glee. “I just wanted to rub it in Miller’s face.”

“Fox!” I hid a laugh behind my hand.

He shrugged. “No regrets.” He gestured to me. “This is the one you’ll be spending Christmas Day with, Daddy Link. Enjoy!”

I didn’t have time to talk before Fox, and the rest of our friends, were bouncing toward the bar to get another round of drinks, leaving me and Daddy Link alone.

Daddy Link sat on the chair that Shy had vacated, his smile so large that dimples crinkled his cheeks. “Your friend is something else.”

I chuckled, a warm, loving sensation washing over me. “He’s one of my best friends.”

“A boy who needs a firm hand.”

My laughter grew louder. “No one can handle him, trust me. There’ve been Daddies who have tried.”

“I might know someone.” His gaze drifted to his left and I followed it until my stare landed on Daddy Bastard, who appeared anything but comfortable around the boy who’d bought him. Actually, he looked bored. Daddy Link’s attention returned on me. “So, what are we going to do tomorrow, boy?”

I shuddered at the name. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d gotten called that by anyone but my friends. Not for a very long while. Pleasure simmered inside of me, and my belly filled with butterflies, making me squirm.

“I. . . I didn’t plan on buying you.” I ran a hand through my hair and let out a long breath. “I don’t. . . . Fuck.”

“Shhh.” He curled his fingers around my wrist and slowly guided my hand to the table, where he linked our fingers. “It’s okay. Just tell me what you need to say, boy.”

I swallowed. “Are you interested in me? Because if you’re not, we don’t have to do anything tomorrow. I know I’m not a typical boy, and—”

Daddy Link laid a finger over my lips, and I stopped speaking immediately. He swiped his thumb over my bottom lip, tugging it gently. “You’re beautiful and you’re my type of boy. I don’t want someone I can break. I need someone who can handle me.”

“Oh.” I chuckled nervously. “I can handle it. You.”

He threw his head back and laughed, and I stared at the long length of his thick neck and the way his Adam’s apple bobbed. “Yes, I’m sure you can. You can start by telling me your name.”

“Evander, but people call me Ev.”

“I won’t call you that. I don’t like it. How about Evan, do you enjoy that name?” He continued to stroke my mouth and all I could do was nod. “Well?”

I swallowed around the excitement and managed to push out, “Yes, Daddy.”

“Good boy.” He grinned. “So, tomorrow’s Christmas. Tell me, what do you want?”

I smiled and clenched my fingers around his. “To be honest, I only wanted a Daddy. I know this is all new, but I like this. It’s a pretty good start.”

“I agree.” He raised my hand that he was holding and laid a kiss on the back. “I like this, too.”

“But tomorrow. . . .” I chewed on my bottom lip, considering my words carefully. “I have nowhere to take you. I don’t have family. Only friends.”

He grunted and my heart fell. He was disappointed in me. “Abandoned?”

I winced, gritting my teeth as the tears threatened to break through my carefully constructed wall. “Yes, Daddy. My father loved me when I played football, but when he found out I was gay. . . . He decided not even playing football could save me as his son. And my mother is loyal to him.”

Daddy Link took a deep breath. “Your family are idiots, boy.” Then, he smiled, wide and happy. “You can meet mine instead. I do warn you, though, they’re quite a handful, and the women in my family will swoon over you.”

My eyes widened. “Oh. Are you—”

“I’m sure. Now hush, boy.” He leaned closer and I held my breath as he laid a gentle, too soft kiss on my mouth. I wanted him to press himself against me harder and claim me, but it was too soon. “I’m going to help you grow confident. You’re a beautiful boy and you deserve all the attention that every other boy gets. But unfortunately for the other Daddies, they’re too late. I found you first.”

I flushed and laughed nervously, his possessiveness sending another wave of heat through me. My groin went from tingling to my cock growing hard. Down, boy.

“Hey, Ev!” Fox shouted.

I turned to look at where he sat on the bar, a beer bottle in his hand as he swayed to a Mariah Carey Christmas song.

“Am I the bestest friend ever for buying you a Daddy for Christmas?”

I didn’t answer him. Instead, I returned my gaze to Daddy Link and his kind eyes and rough face and dimpled cheeks. Yep, he was exactly what I wanted for Christmas.

“Daddy Link. . . .”

“Yes, boy?”

I tilted my chin toward him. “I would really like to get to know you better and be your boy.”

He grinned, flashing me his perfect white teeth. “It would be my absolute pleasure, boy. Come here.” He cupped my face and dragged me into a rough kiss. I didn’t know how long we stayed there, our mouths attached in a deep, sensual connection that had my cock raging hard, but when he pulled back and whispered, “Merry Christmas, boy,” I glanced at my watch and realized it had hit midnight. It was Christmas.

Best. Christmas. Present. EVER.

I wasn’t sure how I was going to top this present next year when looking for Fox, but I was going to damned well try.

“Kiss me again, Daddy Link?”

He did exactly that.


Thank you for reading and thank you for Alex Jane for setting up another year of the Rainbow Advent! I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year!

To see more of my work, you can find my books here:

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