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Best Belly Buddies

In Need of TLC
Zayden “Z” Shoemaker has secrets. He’s been in love with his straight best friend for longer than he can remember, and on top of that tragedy in progress, he has an odd quirk none of his ex-boyfriends could handle. After every nasty breakup, Dare is there to help him through the heartache—and wipe away tears.

The Port In Every Storm
Fern “Dare” Darrow is tired of seeing men break Zayden’s heart. As far as he’s concerned, no one is good enough for his Z. When Zayden’s current man cheats and sends him into a cocoon of blankets and despair, Dare steps up in his role of best friend. Dare doesn’t expect to walk in on Zayden in a vulnerable position, which causes Dare to seriously question his sexuality for the first time. Dare is shocked into examining his true feelings for his best friend.

Scared But Determined
After confessions from both men, Dare and Zayden must make a decision that could transform every piece of their relationship and life, especially since they already live together. They’ll either grow with the change or destroy the one friendship that has kept them sane. Dare isn’t a coward, and Z is stronger than he thinks, but they will need each other more than ever if they want to overcome a lifetime of expectations.

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