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the lawyers series

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The Promise

Widowed Before Forty
Lawyer Caleb “West” Weston loses the man he loves, Carter, to cancer. When Carter dies, not only is West left hurting, but Carter’s younger brother, eighteen-year-old Shane, plummets deeply into grief. Both men bury themselves in their pain and forget to support one another. West feels hollow, and Shane’s life goes off the rails.

The Lost Boy
Shane’s parents reacted badly when he told them he was gay, but he had Carter and West to run to when things got tough. They gladly took him in. After Carter dies, Shane feels like he has no one to love him, until one tearful moment between Shane and West turns into something passionate. Afterward, consumed by guilt, both men become more isolated than before.

Second Chance at Love, First Chance to Be Himself
West has never fully embraced the darkest parts of his sexuality, but he knows one thing for certain—he wants Shane as his. Even if being with his dead lover’s younger brother is wrong, fighting his attraction to Shane is hurting them both. He decides to step up and become the daddy he has always wanted to be, one who helps guide his boy back into the land of the living. One large problem remains, during the months Shane was left to his own devices, he made a wreck of his life. West and Shane both need a lot of love to heal. Can they learn to live a new life together, free of shame and guilt?

Bent, Not Broken

Defense attorney Madden Polunin is good at his job. He works alongside the Kings of Men MC and is known, and hated, by the New Gothenburg PD for getting his clients cleared of charges that should have sent them to jail.

Straitlaced Officer Evan Slater loathes everything about Madden, from his charismatic personality that helps free criminals, to how hard it is to pronounce his ridiculous last name. Polunin makes Evan’s job more difficult than it needs to be, and Polunin’s smug smile fuels Evan’s anger.

In a night of celebration, Madden ends up drugged and runs into Evan, which begins a turmoiled relationship between a self-declared “straight” police officer and a lawyer only interested in one-night stands. Between criminal arrests, a serial killer father locked behind bars, and a negligent work partner, Madden’s and Evan’s lives collide in ways they never expected.


Madden Polunin is happy. He loves his person, Private Investigator Evan Slater, his job as a defense attorney, and he doesn’t mind living in Evan’s small house, even though he comes from an old-money family on Vert Island. Evan is everything Madden wants out of bed, and in it, except he’s missing one thing: gentleness.
Evan knows he’s been letting Madden down, or at least that Madden wants more from him. The learning curve to give Madden what he wants might be sharp, but not impossible to handle. Can Evan find some courage and take the plunge? With Madden at his side, anything’s possible.

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Yes, Sir

River Demchenko, attorney for the Kings of Men MC, takes risks. He craves rough relationships and lives on the edge between acceptable and criminal. When Officer Paxton calls looking for an attorney after his husband mysteriously dies, River takes another questionable leap. Paxton is the only cop who has ever treated him with respect so helping to clear his name only seems fair. After all, everyone deserves a second chance, even a cop.

Officer and Private Investigator Jayce Paxton has his world ripped apart and becomes a widower. He throws himself into his work and is shocked when he stumbles on his lawyer, River, drugged and hurt. River is caught up in a blackmailing scheme, and he’s being threatened by the same people Jayce and his team are investigating as sex traffickers. In order to find the traffickers, Jayce needs to enter a seedy underworld River is all too familiar with. To make the act convincing, Jayce persuades River to pretend he’s his boyfriend—and let people think Jayce is his Dom.

One problem, Jayce likes his role too much.

They need to find the men extorting River before he winds up without a job, or worse. Despite their unexpected attraction, they have to keep their focus on solving the case, or more lives could be destroyed. River has been hurt before and isn’t sure he can deal with more than the sham relationship, but Jayce will give it his all to change River’s mind and keep him safe

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