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City hall series

Staking His Claim Ebook.jpg
#1: Staking His Claim

I told him to leave. He told me I was his….


The Intern

Jaxson Bell has one goal: advancing his career by any means possible. Sleeping with men to further his aspirations isn’t uncommon for Jaxson, and his next target is obvious—the deputy mayor. Flirting with Vane is easy because he’s handsome, charming, confident, and knows exactly what Jaxson wants. It’s effortless to make a deal with Vane, who’s more than happy to exchange sex for a job at city hall. What Jaxson doesn’t expect is the very unusual kink Vane obsesses over. The oddness should be a deal breaker, but it only has Jaxson more interested.


The Deputy Mayor

Vane Elwood knows exactly what Jaxson wants the moment he approaches him because, at heart, he’s the same kind of ruthless man. He loves sex, and if he can get it free for the simple exchange of a job, he will. Vane anticipates a hasty exit from Jaxson as soon as he discovers Vane’s secret kink. To his surprise, Jaxson not only sticks around but seems to be excited.


The Right Kind of Dirty

Their relationship is meant to be purely physical, but as feelings grow, Vane and Jaxson will have to decide what to do. Vane has a reputation to uphold, and Jaxson has never had a relationship. If news gets out that the deputy mayor is sleeping with his new assistant, their careers could implode. They’ll need to use every trick in the book to keep each other. 

#2: Denial

The Sadist

Jean-Paul “JP” Dubois, assistant to the deputy mayor, was given the task of pushing Max Kalinski to the breaking point. The end game: get Max to quit working at city hall. The simple assignment turns into something deeper when JP learns Max is different than everyone assumed. He’s a complex man who has been taught all the wrong lessons—not simply a spoiled brat. JP knows he shouldn’t be the one to do it, but Max is in need of a strong man to help him right his wrongs.

The Extortionist

Friendless and virginity sadly intact, Max is ready to find his place in the sun—even if he has to steal it. After he takes an attempt at blackmail too far, he feels guilty for how he acted toward the deputy mayor. When Max is left with no choice except to move in with JP temporarily, he learns his supervisor isn’t what he’d imagined. An unexplored yearning inside of Max comes out to play, and he wants nothing more than for JP to be the firm hand that guides him. JP accepts Max’s quirks, including his undiagnosed OCD, and brings out the best parts of him.

All the Wrong Decisions

Their work life puts a damper on what could be. JP knows they can’t be together, and his loyalty lies with his boss. Finding Max another Daddy is the logical decision. The problem? Max only wants JP. As they deny what they really need, both men must get through their nine-to-five hours as though they don’t burn for each other, but at what personal cost?

Cuffed 2a2c.jpg
#3: Cuffed

An Ex-Mayor Looking for a Second Chance

Ross Midberry lost it all in a moment of passion: his job, reputation, and freedom. Prison is no picnic. He doesn’t expect Stormy—a professional he’s fond of—to be his savior. Stormy gives Ross a home after his incarceration and encourages him to move on from his mistakes, while also giving him something he doesn’t know he needs—dominance.

A Professional Finds His Houseboy

Lane Kennedy, also known as Stormy in his career life, has always searched for adventure. Being a Courtesan gives him new and exciting challenges every day. He never planned to want a relationship, until the moment he was caught with Ross in a stairwell at city hall. Now his priorities have changed. He wants to take care of Ross, and in the process, unexpectedly finds himself a houseboy.

A World Filled with Expectations

The media still wants a piece of Ross, while all his friends and family keep their distance. No one wants to hire him, and he’s waiting for Lane to realize he’s now a nobody. But Lane isn’t going anywhere. He has discovered a contentment he didn’t anticipate. Together they must find a new path in a world filled with people who want their pound of flesh from a disgraced mayor.

Sold for the night.jpg
#4: Sold for the Night

He is a predator, and I am his prey . . . .


Prey: The Rabbit

Mark Fenton, assistant to the mayor, never regretted opening his mouth more than he did when he insulted Madam Winters’ establishment, the Courtesan Hotel. Now he’s being sold off for a night in the summer auction. It’s small comfort that part of the proceeds benefit charity. The man who buys Mark’s time, Camden, is wild and unruly. He’s not Mark’s type, from his giant body to his rough nature, but the more time Mark spends with Camden, the more he finds himself having fun.


Predator: The Wolf

Camden Wolf knows what he likes—redheads who want to be pursued—and Mark appears to be exactly that. When Madam Winters tells Camden about the feisty man she has ready for the auction block, he can’t resist putting a claim on Mark. Chasing him has Camden’s inner primal nature excited, and he can’t get enough of Mark. But as much as they are having fun, Mark is skittish.


Attack and Capture

Mark fits into Camden’s life like a missing puzzle piece, and Camden’s daughters and his best friend/ex-wife love Mark. But convincing him they can have a future is difficult, especially when all Mark wants to do is run away in fear. Luckily Camden is the kind of man who loves a challenge, and he has plans to make Mark his in every single way.

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