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Love Me Series

The Love Me Series is a set of M/M/F books set in New Gothenburg, written by Ki Brightly. If you love reading about a threesome, then check out these short novellas for some hot and steamy loving!

Love Me STAT.jpg
#1: Love Me Stat

Joel Turner, an RN at Walnut Creek Hospital, has been taking care of his mom ever since she was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. He hasn’t had much of a life aside from working shifts at the ER, where he met the confusing but sexy Dr. Moore. Something about the thrilling way Dr. Moore takes charge of every situation puts Joel at ease but also leaves him off-kilter, and frequently Tasha has to swoop in to save the day.

Ian Moore, MD, has always been fickle. Some days he likes Tasha better; other days he likes Joel. But one thing he does know is that he would love to see them both spread out on his bed, waiting for him to have them. 

Natasha “Tasha” Pfeiffer, PA, doesn’t take any crap, especially from uppity know-it-all docs like Ian Moore. But the way he never backs down, even when she’s at her grumpiest, and the fact that he can make even the most mind-numbing job at the hospital interesting drags her in, however reluctantly. Add to that Joel, the sweetheart nurse who nearly always has a smile on his face, and she’s wishing for more on her lonely Friday nights—both men, to be exact. 

When Ian corners Joel and asks him out and then begs Tasha to come along for the ride, will the night explode with passion or just plain explode? 

Love Me SLOW.jpg
#2: Love Me Slow

Ian Moore, MD, isn’t sure what he’s gotten himself into by sleeping with Tasha and Joel. He hasn’t been in a real relationship for years, and the only two he’s ever had—one with a man, one with a woman—both ended horribly. Ian has been struggling to figure out who he is ever since his divorce, and would like to rediscover the parts of himself he lost when he got married. With Joel’s gentle coaxing, he just might be able to. 

Joel Turner, RN, is mystified when he starts to see a side of Ian he never knew existed. Work Ian is always bold and in control. Bedroom Ian is gentle, shy, and completely different from the face he shows everyone else. Not very experienced, and afraid he’s missing something important, Joel wants someone else to talk to about Ian—someone like Tasha who seems to understand what Ian needs. 

Tasha Pfeiffer, PA, had been feeling left out of life, but then she had a wild night with Joel and Ian. The problem is, while she hoped that she could keep them both, realistically she knew that would never work out. She tells her guys this was all a mistake, but if that’s true, why can’t she stop being jealous of the time they spend together? 

Will Joel be able to work his magic again and help everyone get along or will one steamy night be all they have to remember? 

Love Me SWEET.jpg
#3: Love Me Sweet

Joel Turner, RN, has been having a horrible week, and the strain is starting to show. His mom’s health is deteriorating quickly, his brother almost killed himself, and his sister is pretending her family doesn’t exist. If it weren’t for his relationship with Tasha and Ian, he might not have anything to hold him together at all. 

Ian Moore, MD, has been doing okay for himself. With everything a doctor should have—a nice house, a sexy car, a hot girlfriend—and a hot boyfriend—his life can’t get much better. But he can’t control everything. So when Joel’s mom suddenly needs someone to sit with her during the day, Ian tackles it like every other problem and throws money at it. But his usual method doesn’t help as much as he thinks it should, leaving Joel inexplicably angry and Ian hurt and confused. 

Tasha Pfeiffer, PA, has her own problems. She has a son to take care of and an ex who decides to contact her out of nowhere, but it’s nothing she can’t handle. However, if someone doesn’t step in between Joel and Ian, things are going to turn bad very quickly. Always the pragmatist, she’s the one who can help figure out some real-world solutions to some serious issues. 

Working together as a team—or is that a family?—Joel, Ian, and Tasha try to help one another through the maze of having a real relationship together. It’s not always easy, but it’s worth it. 

A MMF Bisexual Ménage Romance.

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