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#1: High

The Cartel Boss—El Jefe

Thiago Reyes was separated from his childhood best friend years ago, but after his father dies he inherits the largest drug cartel in the US. His first call to action is to save his captive friend, Manny, from his own father. Rescuing Manny will not only start a full-blown war with Antonio Méndez, but it will put the Reyes family at risk.


Thiago would do anything for Manny.

Rescued But Hurt

Manny Méndez-Beltrán, hidden by his father from potential enemies, was imprisoned for over four years in his bedroom. He lost hope that Thiago would rescue him, and when he finally does, Manny is furious. Thiago had abandoned him with his father for a long time, and the fear that the love of his life has found someone else weighs on his mind. The world has gone on without him, leaving Manny inexperienced and feeling out of place.

No Path, Except Through the Flames

Reunited, Thiago and Manny must learn to be with each other again. As their relationship grows to what it should have been years ago, the fallout rages on around them. Manny either must learn to fight at Thiago’s side or risk being seen as too weak to be the jefe’s future husband. If he can’t toughen up, someone will kill him, and the bullet might come from either side.

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