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The Courtesan series is a male/male and male/female set of books based around the Harlot Queens' owned brothel, The Courtesan. They reside in New Gothenburg, New York and it's run by The Madam, Natalia.

to be a courtesan, you have to know how to stroke a man's...ego

#1: The Madam's Baby Boy

Worship from Afar

Brooks Sutherland has been interested in Darcy Winters since he first laid eyes on him at the Courtesan Hotel, where Brooks worked as a bodyguard. Darcy never knew he existed. When Brooks had a seizure that resulted in loss of his eyesight from a head trauma, he could no longer do his job. Years later, Brooks comes back to bid on Darcy at the annual summer auction. He knows Darcy all too well and wants him to relax before Darcy kills himself from stress. Kidnapping him away for a vacation is perfectly reasonable—to Brooks.


Workaholic on Vacation

As far as Darcy is concerned, The Courtesan Hotel will be a disaster without him, so he doesn’t expect his mother to put him up for auction as a last minute surprise. The man who wins time with him is charming, but Darcy has no plans to be swept away from his work. A night will more than do. When Brooks hustles him off on a vacation, he’s not sure how to relax, but Brooks is a good distraction.


Stress Less, Or Else

Darcy needs someone to teach him how to let go, and Brooks thinks he’s that man. But making a relationship work is a lot harder than he expects because Darcy runs back to the Courtesan every chance he gets. Brooks wants to take care of Darcy, but unless Brooks can learn what that really means, he’ll push Darcy away instead. If that happens, neither man will get what he needs.

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