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#1: How Did You Survive Without Us?

The Charming Yet Clueless Professor
Dr. Vail Mifflin loves the history of organized crime. Teaching and writing about the adventures of mobsters are his life’s work. To Vail, the stories he tells are just that—fun accounts he doesn’t think of as real. When Dr. Mifflin gets too close to the modern-day mob truth while researching a book he’s writing, his life begins to fall apart.

The Irish Mob Killers
Rowen, Cillian, Aspen, and Fallon work for the Killough Company, the Irish mob that controls the Eastern Seaboard of the US. They go to one of Dr. Mifflin’s lectures to hear a few stories about the old-timers. That day, the men save Dr. Mifflin from an Italian mafioso, who didn’t like the things Dr. Mifflin lectured about. With this one unintended kind act, these killers become entangled in Vail’s life.

Death and Danger in Unexpected Places
As the band of killers get to know Vail, they realize that instead of focusing on the history of the mob, he’s trying to write an up-to-date account. Normally they would murder a man who planned to divulge their secrets, but it’s clear Vail doesn’t truly understand the danger he’s in. Their only choice to keep him alive is to protect him and convince him to stop. Vail struggles with ADHD and is reluctant to let go of his career, the one thing he feels he is good at. Unfortunately word is already out that Vail knows things he shouldn’t, and keeping him safe won’t be simple.

#2: How Do You Survive With Us?

The Guilty Professor
Dr. Vail Mifflin has been emotionally knocked out by his father’s murder. He can’t prove a thing, but hitmen from one of the mob families he dug up info about are the suspected culprits. They wanted Vail dead, not his father, who was caught in the crossfire. In a struggle with his grief and ADHD, which is worse with the additional stress, Vail isn’t himself. He leans heavily on Aspen, Fallon, Rowen, and Cillian to keep him safe while he tries to cope.

The Irish Mob to the Rescue
Cillian is enraged. He and the boys went to a lot of trouble to send a violent message to the Italians who had it out for Vail, and as a result, the Irish mob boss, Sloan Killough, told Vail he can go back to his job teaching. Cillian isn’t so sure the hit that was put out on Vail has been recalled. The big issue: Vail doesn’t want to lose his career.

The Killough Company Goes to War
The boys get word Vail’s life is still in danger. All the work they’ve done so far might be for nothing, and at this point, they want to keep Vail. To prove once and for all NYC belongs to the Killough Company, and what they say goes, the Irish mob teams up with Elio Folliero to make a stand. When Vail is kidnapped and his teaching assistant is shot, the boys are on edge. Can they keep Vail alive or was he doomed from the start?

How Do You Survive With Us? is danger-filled and exciting, but never fear, it also has a guaranteed happily ever after.

#3: How Did You Survive Alone?

The Legacy Mobster

Fallon Maher is falling for the most unlikely person. Aspen is handsome, but he’s quiet, while Fallon is the opposite and talks enough to irritate everyone. The two men dance around their feelings, but when Fallon is injured while on a job for their boss, Aspen charges into the line of fire to help him.

The Man Who Kills for The Irish Mob Boss

Aspen Kavanagh observes before he formulates a plan to act, and he sees how much Fallon struggles to be what is necessary to survive in the Killough Company. He’s too kind for this type of work, but with the right training he will be okay. Cillian, Rowen, and Aspen have no trouble taking lives, but it’s clearly something Fallon will need help to learn. Between Fallon getting hurt and his obvious struggle with killing, Aspen is afraid that Fallon will be removed from the Company.

Loving Against All Odds

Fallon and Aspen get closer as Fallon recovers from an injury, but then all hell breaks loose in New York City’s criminal underground. People are dead, buildings are destroyed, and business plans are ruined for more than one mob. The Irish boss, Sloan Killough, wants answers and revenge. Fallon is too injured to go out and prove himself in the ensuing chaos, but all Aspen can think about is him as he soldiers on and follows the orders of his boss. Will Aspen be able to find a way to keep Fallon with the Company, and more importantly, with him? Or will Killough’s killers have to say goodbye to their apprentice?

How Did You Survive Alone? must be read as part of the Irish Roulette series to get the most enjoyment out of the story. The book does not end on a cliffhanger, but there are more Irish mob stories to come from Ki Brightly and M.D. Gregory!

#4: How Do You Survive a Kiss?

The Heartless Mobster
Cillian Shaughnessy has a reputation for being violent. He is the kind of killer who can get any job done, which is why his boss sends him and his partner in crime, Aspen, to Miami to finally rid the Killough Company of an enemy. As long as he has his best friend, Aspen, at his side, he can take on any assignment, no matter how difficult. No target stands a chance.

Friends Become Closer
Aspen Kavanagh has always had Cillian’s back, no matter what. Going to Miami with Cillian seems like it will be a regular hit, but the game has changed. They no longer want to dance around each other. Once, a long time ago, they almost dated, and those feelings have only grown over time. As their personal relationship blooms, they’re met with unexpected threats that put their lives on the line. Aspen is willing to risk it all on the job and with Cillian, even if it means Cillian might dig a knife right into his heart.

Two Killers, One Target
The enemies of the Killough Company are smarter than Aspen and Cillian expected, and the longer they spend away from home, the more dire their mission and personal lives become. Cillian doesn’t want to admit what he feels for Aspen, and the struggle brings them new issues. Can Aspen and Cillian figure out their relationship—or will their target find them first and put an end to their love before it even begins?

#5: How Do We Survive Together?

The Mobster with Heart

Rowen Shaughnessy thought he had the only man he needed—Dr. Vail Mifflin. But when Fallon shows interest, Rowen starts to question his entire view on the world, along with his feelings. How much love can one man give? Fallon has been a constant in Rowen’s life for months, and Rowen never paid much attention to the younger man until now. There is more to Fallon than meets the eye, and he deserves to be romanced. Rowen wants to play that part in Fallon’s life.


The Attention-Starved Fighter

Fallon Maher is interested in as much love as he can get, and his fascination with Rowen increases. He wants a whirlwind relationship, since that is all he has ever known, but Rowen is different because he needs to take his sweet time. Going slow isn’t something Fallon is used to, but he is willing to give it a shot if it means real feelings will grow between them.


A World Full of Chaos

As their romance heats up, so does the violence surrounding them. Their mob—the Killough Company—is at war with a cartel that is set on taking them out. Their world is on fire, and they can either join the battle or end up in a precarious position that could result in their deaths. Can they fall in love while they’re fighting for their lives? Or will it all be too much?

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