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the norse lords mc

Norse Lords 1.png
#1: Thor

Tobias “Thor” Langley was seventeen when his life changed overnight—a car accident he was responsible for killed one of his friends and paralyzed another. Years later, he’s the VP of the Norse Lords MC and estranged from his family, when he receives a call from home about a friend’s suicide. As Thor prepares to travel home to Washington state for the funeral, the club president’s adopted son decides Thor can’t go alone and invites himself along.

Loki Ward has been part of the Norse Lords since birth—the MC is in his blood. Odin earned his loyalty when he took Loki in after his mother’s death, but sleeping with Odin’s vice president is forbidden. Loki can’t stop himself, though. Thor is irresistible. Going on a road trip will give them more time alone, and Loki thinks he can convince Thor he wants this as much as Loki does. When the past opens up old wounds, Loki sees a new side of Thor. Loki must convince Thor he would ride a highway into hell at his side.

Norse Lords 2.png
#2: Modi


Kane "Modi" Park has killed a lot of people in his life. As sergeant at arms for the Norse Lords MC, it’s his job to protect his club brothers at all costs and destroy anyone who gets in their way. He’s never been in love and has always been happy with one night stands with hangarounds, until he meets Gray Walker, a stubborn and beautiful man that has Modi hot and bothered. He wants him, but Gray is playing hard to get. Modi will do anything to make Gray his.


Grayson Walker lost his brother two years ago and he knows exactly who killed him—Modi, the sergeant at arms from the Norse Lords MC—and he has been plotting his revenge ever since. All he needs to do is make Modi fall in love with him before he breaks his heart and kills him. Simple enough. Except when feelings he never expected to have starts growing, his revenge becomes more complicated than he ever intended.

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Norse Lords 3.png
#3: Hoor


Damian “Hoor” Hyatt has always been known as the blind son of Odin, the Norse Lords MC’s president. He’s the one that the guys mess with on a daily basis, but he refuses to leave. He has a point to prove to his father, who has never been able to stare at him for long, let alone love him like he’s always wanted. The only Lord he can trust outside of his adoptive brother is Vidar, the club’s chaplain. Falling in love with his father’s best friend is a bad idea, but it’s already too late for that.


Decker "Vidar" Page has been with the Norse Lords MC since the very beginning. He is Odin’s best friend and voice of reason, and he’d never do anything to anger him—except sleep with Odin’s son. Being with Hoor is a bad idea, but Vidar can’t resist such a sinful temptation. He’s never been with a man before and falling in love was never in his plans, but when Hoor is seriously injured in a shootout, Vidar must choose what he truly wants… and quickly, before it’s too late and he loses Hoor.

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