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Dirty Secret ebook 300dpi RGB high resol
Dirty Secret

An Anniversary Present that Can’t Be Topped

Declan—hockey star for the New Gothenburg Blizzards—and tattoo artist, Jake, have been happily married for four years. As their anniversary approaches, Declan decides to give Jake a present he won’t forget—his favorite ASMR voice actor in their room during the romantic occasion. He offers the actor, Logan Indry, a deal he can’t refuse.


Running for His Life

Logan needs as much money as he can get. Recently fired and thrown out of his home by his abusive girlfriend, he has no job and no place to go. Declan’s message comes at exactly the right time, and Logan decides things can’t get any worse, so he leaves his small hometown for New Gothenburg. Once he meets Declan and Jake, it’s hard to deny how beautiful they are together, and while Logan has always known he’s bisexual, he’s kept it buried deep inside. He longs to find what they have with each other—happiness and love.


Painful Secrets Come to Light

When Declan and Jake realize they want the same thing—to invite Logan into their life—a new experience begins. Between Logan’s insecurities and his ex-girlfriend trying to have him arrested for a crime he didn’t commit, all three men must work together to make their relationship fall into place. Can Declan and Jake keep Logan safe, or will it all crash and burn?

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