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Fan Service

Wishing For The Real Deal
Dean Thorne is living the dream by costarring with the swoon-worthy Ingram North in a popular historical show—Wyndinham Hollow. The problem? Dean feels like a fraud. Their characters are in love, and with each passing day it’s becoming more difficult for Dean to distinguish fact from fiction.

Strangled by Mob Ties
Ingram North is in deep trouble. He worked hard for his big break in Hollywood, but he hasn’t always played fair to get it. He has been paying off the mob to stay quiet about his shady past. Sadly, Ingram’s bank account is close to zero. To make a complicated situation worse, Ingram feels things he shouldn’t for Dean. In a last-ditch effort to end the blackmail, Ingram makes a proposal that will entangle his career with Dean’s in a dangerous way.

Fake Boyfriends or More?
Ingram asks Dean to go on a promotional tour guaranteed to cement them as a fictional couple in the minds of the public. The money Ingram will make from the tour is the only way that he might keep his head above water. Dean is excited because he’ll get to spend more time with Ingram. Everything goes smoothly until the mobsters blackmailing Ingram turn their attention to Dean. Ingram worries for Dean’s safety, but he is also scared to tell Dean the truth. Can Ingram come clean before they’re both killed? Or will everything Ingram has worked so hard for—including his budding relationship with Dean—be destroyed by the criminals who helped him get his start?

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