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Leave Me Broken

The Ruined Man

Reed Olsson made an unforgivable mistake. He stole from the Killough Company and as a result suffers severe consequences. He’s tortured within an inch of his life, and he expects death, but instead he’s given a second chance. The only downside is that he’s handed over to Oisín, a twisted thief with a death wish. Now Reed has a chance to escape, but to do that, he must bide his time and play the game.

The Flirty Thief


Oisín Kelly can’t stand boredom. He lives on the edge of danger every day and it’s always difficult to find a man who can keep up, but then he sees Reed under the torturous hand of a Company man. Oisín wants him. Reed’s a beast, one that keeps Oisín on his toes, and he’s fun . . . for now.

Clash of Wills


Their relationship is push and pull, and neither expects the satisfying thrill of being around each other. Reed has been burned too many times, and Oisín expects Reed to falter under his chaotic demands. Instead, they find a comfortable balance that makes them both question what they have. When Oisín drags Reed out on an assignment as his backup, it’ll be the ultimate test. Will Reed run or will he stay to fight alongside Oisín?

Content Warnings: Leave Me Broken contains violent sex, exhibitionism, pain play, and dubcon. While there is no cheating between the main characters, one of the MCs does have sex with other people before our characters get together.

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