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I'm Not Your Butler

The Steadfast Older Brother
Bern Evangelos has always given in to his bratty younger brother, Izzie’s, whims, and that hasn’t changed just because Izzie is older now and a college student. When Izzie’s orders turn sensual, Bern is certain his brother is messing with him as a joke, so he does the only reasonable thing—runs away to hide in his apartment.

The Brat
Israfel “Izzie” Evangelos is the type of person who demands exactly what he wants, when he wants it, with zero exceptions—and he craves Bern, brother or not. Izzie already lives a double life his family doesn’t know about, so what’s one more secret added to the pile towering over his head? Izzie makes his desires clear to his brother, and Bern caves to his will.

Up In Flames
Of the two brothers, Bern is the one who doesn’t want to ruin their world with their newfound passion, but since he can’t bring himself to tell Izzie no—and doesn’t want to, either—he must find a way to balance their lives.

Will Bern be able to make the relationship work, or will they both pay the price for love?

This book contains consensual incest between adult brothers.

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