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The Ownership Clause

The Man Made of Stone
Albion Guthrie has a reputation for being unapproachable. He’s emotionless. The only thing he “loves” is his job. When Albion’s boss asks him to keep Wade Lee Sawyer in check at the office after an attempted white-collar mutiny, Albion has no choice. Wade signs a contract stating he will work for Albion and follow his directives, and if Albion can manipulate anything in his favor, it’s paperwork.

The Traitor Who Craves Love
Wade Lee Sawyer only ever wanted to be loved. Was that really so wrong? He was hungry for any positive attention, which led him to make the worst mistake of his life. He trusted the wrong man and accidentally got caught up in a plan to destroy the company he loves. Now he’s paying the price. Following Albion’s orders at the office is easy for him, and he begins to enjoy it more than he ever thought he would.

Always Read the Fine Print
Every choice has consequences. Spending so much time with Wade has Albion acting in ways he shouldn’t. Falling in love isn’t mentioned anywhere in the contract they signed, and Albion makes it his mission to never let that happen. Wade wants something meaningful, and he knows Albion could never fall for him after the way he acted.

Or can he?

This story takes place in the beautiful city of St. Loren, Louisiana, which is part of the New Gothenburg world.

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