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Speak & Obey

The Wandering Serial Killer
Aramis “Ari” Radford knew he was different. He was treated as an outsider with no purpose to serve except as a prop for his parents’ social image. One day he snaps and takes his life into his own hands. All he needs to do to make the world a better place is destroy true evil—the people who hurt others. So, he begins to travel the country and murder men he has decided deserve death. Aimless and with no guidance, Ari meets Officer Jules Rogers and everything changes.

The Pro Psychopath
Officer Jules Rogers does his best to fit in and tries to copy the average people he meets in his day-to-day life. He hides his differences behind a boring routine that is shattered in one instant thanks to a corpse and a young man who visibly enjoys a crime scene too much. His curiosity about Ari could get him into the kind of trouble he has endlessly worked to avoid, but he can’t bring himself to stay away from someone who shares all his idiosyncrasies.

Two Dangerous Men – One Life
Jules loves giving orders, and Ari needs someone to curb the chaos in his life. Armed with a list of people who need to be stopped, Jules decides to use Ari to deliver swift justice. Their obsession with risk and death brings them closer, and they learn what it’s like to love in their own special way. But will they take things too far and get caught?

Virtuous Sinners is a collection of gay romance stories that center on killers who are guided by a virtuous code. These dark novels are connected only by theme and can be read standalone.

The killer's virtue in Speak and Obey is obedience.

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