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The Family Bond

Identical twins Boone and Diah Bohannan have only ever been able to count on each other. It has always been them against the world and that’s how they like it. They’re a duo until Boone decides to go out alone and join the St. Loren Gentlemen’s Society to find opportunities to network. There’s one problem. The Gentlemen’s Society is a place for illegal deals and cutthroat politics. The president, Birch Shepherd, needs a way to keep the members in line because there are too many dangerous men in one place. The final initiation into the club is to either commit murder or sleep with a family member.

Each candidate must provide their own blackmail material.

Boone decides to seduce his twin brother.

Diah is oblivious to Boone’s intentions, but his twin is the only man in the world he trusts. Falling into bed with Boone is easier than Diah expects, but what happens when he finds out the truth behind Boone’s intentions?

Please note there is one sharing scene in The Family Bond.

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