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Vengeance with a Kiss

Revenge is the Name of the Game
Yukio Hinode wasn’t a bad guy, but he’d had enough. Alexander Carrington was a nightmare. Everywhere Yukio went, he was there—in college classes, on the basketball court, and around campus. When bullying turns into a physical fight, Yukio knows he has to come up with a plan to end this. Then, he catches sight of Alexander’s father, and damn, but he looks good. An evil, perfect strategy forms. It’s time to go on the offensive.

Life Cracked Open
Dr. Micah Carrington loved his routine. Each day he taught classes, went to the library, and then drove home. Occasionally he would talk to his son—or try. Their relationship was rocky. When Micah was lonely, he thought about what it might be like to be with a man who cared for him, but he didn’t have the courage to try anything different. Then, one day a breathtaking man notices him, and it’s terrifying, but when the stranger smirks in his direction, he can’t help but smile back.

A War of Hearts
It doesn’t take Yukio long to realize he messed up. Micah agrees to date him. They click instantly, and now Yukio is stuck with a horrible problem—he cares about the father of his worst enemy, and he refuses to lose Micah. Staying with Micah never factored into Yukio’s plans, and now that he wants to keep him, he has no clue how he will fix this. Will he be able to figure out a new course of action, one that involves owning Micah’s heart? Or will their relationship be the final casualty in the battle?

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