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new gothenburg: the city of fuel & rubber

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The Harlot Queens is an all female motorcycle club formed by Sapphira McKinnon. It contains some badass females who don't take shit from no men. These books are for readers who don't want to read about damsels in distress, but want some hot action between some hot men and women.

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The Kings of Men are a motorcycle club that resides in New Gothenburg, NY. It was formed and run by the no-nonsense, hard ass Aaron Arthur, aka King. These books contain hot men on men action with tough bad boys who break the law with no thought or care.


The Courtesan is a brothel owned by The Harlot Queens and run by the scary Madam, Natalia Winter. These books contain both male/male and male/female romance books set in the fancy hotel that caters to the rich and the desperate.

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